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About Rankedy

Creating innovation that lasts

Rankedy, an Indian headquartered SEO tech startup with official name Gradengine Consulting (OPC) Ltd. with the registered office in South India (Chennai) is an adaptive SEO platform with sophisticated tools and software developed by an enthusiastic team of 30 people having the technology, digital marketing, and SEO background. The automated platform caters to not only the planning and research phases of organic marketing, but it includes optimization and execution as well. Today, it has evolved into a complete SEO monitoring, auditing and optimization software with over 50 advanced tools under its belt.

Who we are?

Prakash & Lajeesh, the brains behind Rankedy, have been into core SEO and digital marketing since 2009. Inspired by the challenges of SEO automation tools, they spent most of their time on research and data science. This has led them to discover and develop tools and ready to use software to automate planning, research and analysis phases which are critical for optimization.

Balancing with search quality guidelines that kept changing all the time had been tedious and resource intensive. We had to hire a good number of staffs, maintain records, study the changes, implement newer technologies, keeping visitors happy and this list kept going. Gradually, we started to build a tool that automates these processes in order to maintain accuracy, immediate deployment of technical upgrades, maintaining content quality and more. The tool we created started to impact our progress in a big way, that is when the idea of releasing the software to the public has arisen.

As a result, Rankedy was formally born in 2015 with basic tools and automation but it took three years to reach to the present level. We named our platform Rankedy in 2018 with a combination of Rank + Freddy = Rankedy, meaning a silent ruler of websites' ranking on search engines.

Why we created Rankedy?

The SEO industry is full of skepticism, what worked yesterday is given least importance today, what we never knew may turn out to be a major ranking factor of tomorrow. We aim to have a standardized platform that takes away the hard work of probability analysis by SEOs and web owners. We're developing tools that put your website on fully managed SEO process to take your website all the way from zero to being visible, and then from being visible to authoritatively visible.

Quality metrics of SEO is vague and SEO Pro's need to keep in line with metrics such as Technical SEO, Content Quality Guidelines, Link Building, Social Media Marketing, User Experience, Conversion Optimization, E-commerce SEO. You cannot ignore a metric, you cannot spend a lot of time optimizing for a single metric with limited resources.

Rankedy built tools to ease these challenges by presenting solutions that span the gaps. Using Rankedy's tools does mean that you assure yourself that your website is being up to date with search quality guidelines, extra edge over your competitors in SERPs and many more. We're committed to supporting every dynamics in search industry whether its a Google algorithm update or a technological adoption, and what not? Rankedy tools and automated platform makes google fall in love with your website and it keeps staying in full compliance for today and tomorrow's digital revolution.

What we commit?

Rankedy future vision is not just in SEO automation but it stretches the entire aspect of digital marketing that includes Email Marketing, PPC Campaigns, Social Media Marketing and so on. In the coming years, we will release these tools to help marketers do everything under a single platform with ease and affordability. All our tools are based on methodologies and guidelines presented by industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft, Yandex, Baidu, W3C, Schema, Wikipedia, Facebook, and several other influential platforms. We never employ techniques that put your website under any risk.