Rankedy - Activity Stream

Activity Stream

The process of optimizing and ranking for most searched keywords, Rank improvement and landing in the top position.

It’s a great idea to maintain an Activity Stream as it:

Facilitates Following A Clear Vision In Your SEO Activity Plan

Single Window To Record & View All Completed & Pending SEO Activities

Makes It Easy To Delegate Tasks Across A Diverse Team

Provides Transparent Mechanism To Ensure Team Accountability

Equipped With Archival Capabilities For Storing Past Activity Information

Helps You Identify What Works For You

Gain Complete Control Of Your SEO Activity Status With Your Own Personalized SEO Log

Activity stream empowers you to document each of your planned and completed SEO efforts. With a complete strategy plan and execution status overview in a centralized location, you get to ensure pro-activeness and accountability within your team for your SEO plan. Even better, it helps you recall on a future date, what worked for you and want didn’t.

Own Your Own Success Formula For The Future

With your goals well configured, and your plan of action in motion, Activity Stream becomes your roadmap for execution. It enables you to log in the list of tasks planned and undertaken, strike of what’s done and track what’s pending.

With this, you gain to uncover insights from your own results, obtain control & accountability from your SEO efforts.

Here’s Why Recording Your Activities On Activity Stream Is A Must

Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization efforts involve an array of activities including technical, analytical, manual and creative work. When working committedly on this entire spectrum of activities under the umbrella of SEO, the contribution of multiple individuals with different specializations is needed.

In order to get a meaningful end result from all of that, what is also needed in addition is a centralized repository of the tasks as per the plan along with delegation and completion status details. After all, without tracking and measurement, no plan is ever successful.

Activity Stream helps you log all these details in one place, and it doubles up as project management tool to help you streamline the execution seamlessly. On future dates, it serves as your own personalized guide for best practices.