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5 Content Strategy Trends to Look Out for in 2019

If your company needs to rely on brand awareness or off-page SEO and ads more than content, you are doing something wrong. Content is supposed to bring you maximum revenues at a low cost-price.

Following is the list of content strategies that will be trending in 2019. These are the top strategies that will generate revenues.

Active engagement over unidirectional content flow

Back in 2016, the reach of content to a wider viewer base accounted for 37% of the metrics that determined the performance of content. Engagement stood at 36%. In 2018 however, the value of reach dropped to 12$ while engagement was 30%. So we need to keep our readers engaged in active interaction for 2019. Here is how:

· End your articles and posts with a question. Encourage visitors to stay on your page and express their opinions and suggestions in the comments section.

· This brings us to the next tip. Never deactivate the comments section. Not letting people voice their opinion makes them feel unimportant. Why stay on a platform where they cannot even speak up?

· Occasionally ask for active engagement with contests, games, or brainstorming sessions with the viewers. This will keep things interesting.

· Reply to the comments, be active on the social media pages of your brand. Ensure visitors and followers that there is a living person or group of people at the other end of the screen, listening to them.

· Lastly, don’t forget to implement at least 30% of the ideas suggested in the brainstorming posts and via comments. Listening to people and ignoring them is as bad as not listening in the first place. Let people know you care about their grievances and value their feedback.

This is how you can make your brand come alive and get more attention in a crowd of inanimate companies.

More product-focused content

Creating a live brand image, a fresh persona, and valuable thought leadership is important to encourage people to favor your company over the rivals. But this won’t work if you don’t focus your content on the products you want them to buy. Conversion happens due to product-focused content.

However, if your brand is healthcare, environment or animal welfare, or a social cause, or finance, thought leadership takes precedence. Product-focused content takes precedence only when you sell physical goods and not services. For example retail, food, home décor, furniture, and the likes.

Technical and data focused content over creative content

Creative content has a very high reach because people share it over social media. But when you are looking for conversion, you need to get the attention of those who are looking for information to determine which product is worth buying.

You can increase your reach with creative content. But conversion will happen with content that reflects strong technical expertise and data analysis.

Short video blogs are taking over

Content is not only text. Not even images. Videos are taking over. People remember what they saw more than whatever they read. Long videos, however, get ignored. Make video content of 1 or 2 minutes. Focus on two three things. Information, fun, and interaction. The video has to be fresh and fun, informative, and it should encourage thoughts in the comments section.

Clickbait proof your website

All these tips are very important but if you decide to take away only one thing from this article, it has to be this one. Abandon click baits! Clickbait died way before 2018 and websites still make pathetic attempts with them. There is nothing that makes your brand look more desperate and unreliable than clickbait titles. Make sure your content is relevant, important, and comes with a relevant title.

Content is the future of SEO and digital marketing. All the tools, all the tricks, none of it will matter without powerful content and well-placed content. Take these tips very seriously if you want high conversion from on-page SEO itself, without having to spend high amounts on advertising for an inanimate follower-base. Implement these 5 tips and let us know how it worked out for you.

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