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Accelerated mobile pages: Are they worth it? Know how it boosts your business

During the 2018-19 period, the search engine giant, Google has come up with many changes which are directly affecting the search engine appearance of websites and articles. It included the implementation of Google’s mobile-first indexing policy, in which the search engine listings have become device specific.

All publishers have already received the notification about these changes on their Google Search Console. After the changes, the websites that are more mobile-friendly became the first position holders in SERP listing. This critical change has affected millions of website owners and publishers across the globe. At the same time, it has become the best opportunity for some other group of publishers and bloggers.

The introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) helped the publishers and website owners to improve their rankings and search engine appearance on mobile devices after the strict implementation of mobile-first index policy. AMP pages came up with the advantage of faster page loading and thereby top rankings on Google search results.

Since the number of web users is higher than the desktop users, the faster page loading will surely influence the website traffic. At this time, implementing AMP is the best practice every website owner could do to improve their search rankings on mobile devices. Faster page loading means more traffic.

What are exactly AMP pages? 

Accelerated Mobile Pages basically include a stripped down versions of the normal HTML webpage contents. AMP pages can reduce the additional requests for CSS and thereby reduces the page load time. AMP pages eliminate many unwanted parts of the webpage including massive images and other heavy items. Moreover, it can serve contents through a dedicated server. AMP pages can further reduce the page load time using AMP caching. Websites can serve AMP pages by using the rel=amphtml tag in their HTML code of the specific webpage.

Google loves speed! If your web site is still slow, it’s time to shut it down. 

It’s the era of speed. Google loves speed. If you are still running a slow loading website, it’s time to shut down the website. If you still want to improve your rankings and traffic of website, you should focus on the site speed. In the present situation, the easiest way to improve site speeds by multiple times is implementing the support for Accelerated Mobile Pages.

In addition to the ranking benefits, there are lot more offers by Google for the website owners. Have you ever noticed some news cards appear in your Chrome mobile browser when searching with some keywords? Top news portals may appear in ‘Top Stories’ card. It is mandatory to have fully functional AMP pages to get a position in this top stories section. Top stories section brings the most traffic for a news article.

With all these benefits, AMP pages come with some drawbacks also. It has several limitations as compared to your normal beautiful web page design. Mostly, it affects the design of your web page by cutting off several design elements. Also, the support for accurate analytics is very limited in the AMP-enabled pages. But don’t worry! More and more developers are now working hard to minimize these drawbacks and improve the entire usability of Accelerated Mobile Pages.

So it’s your time to shift to AMP pages!!!

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