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Content strategy and actionable on-page SEO Tips to drive traffic in 2019

Content is a strong element to drive traffic, and encourage conversion. You cannot ignore any aspect of good content if you want your website to succeed. Off-page SEO is good but since 2017, and the following Google algorithm changes in 2018, on-page SEO has taken precedence in digital marketing. This has made content highly valuable.

The right thing for everything

There is no umbrella rule for every kind of content. The style that makes good content for a travel blog can be considered poor for a technical article. Content for a News website must be different from content for a how-to website.

This is why you need to find out the right kind of content strategy for your particular brand of products and services.

The golden rules

There are some rules common to all kind of content. There should be no mistake ensuring that all these rules are followed. Here are the most important aspects of quality content that you must take care of:

· High readability: Use simple language so that even people who do not know English very well can understand. Don’t forget to use small paragraphs, relevant images, pointers, subheadings, and whatever it is that makes an article read-worthy.

· Metadata and keyword optimization: Follow Google Adword suggestions and update meta tags, headings, snippets, and keywords to increase search ranking.

· Landing pages: Increase landing pages, create specific CTA buttons for each, and optimize these pages.

· Linking: Use fresh backlinks on relevant platforms. Stay active on authority sites and contribute helpful content. Use these opportunities to deep link your content to the internal pages of your website where users will find useful information or products with a CTA button.

· Professionalism: Make the webpage look professional by removing ads, and keep the content to-the-point and respectful even when you use sarcasm or puns. Make sure there is no grammatical errors, apart from the deliberate ones.

· Content-length: Make sure you are not trying to fill pages after pages to generate clicks. Nobody will go to page 2 if they got nothing from page 1, or if they got everything from page 1. Make your content exactly as long as it needs to be.

· Value: Put helpful content. Give the answers, tell how, what, where, and why. Rich content builds trust and brings visitors back again for another query, or for an interesting read.

These are the basic content techniques you must keep in mind to use your content as your biggest weapon in SEO.

Actionable SEO tips to further boost your content strategy

Some SEO strategies deserve your attention if you are trying to rank your website on the first page in 2019 or maintain first-page ranking from 2018.

Auditing site structure

Assess every detail of your website to find out what’s working for you and what’s not. Enhance what’s working and remove whatever is not. Identify conversion paths and repeat the processes that lead to consistent conversions. Many SEO tools offer a comprehensive SEO score for every independent part of your website.

End-user value data

Use every piece of information you can find from user feedback. Cater to the demands of visitors and answer to the queries. Address the grievances instead of ignoring them. The feedback pool is your richest resource of new pathways to success.

Make use of Latent Semantic Indexing

With LSI, you will be able to convey your ideas and content to Google. Go for synonyms of specific keywords to make the content look natural. Do not stuff keywords, depend on LSI.

This is all for today, incorporate all these strategies to your fresh and existing content and watch your site ranking soar!

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