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How SEO expertise made me focus on a micro niche to generate maximum leads and achieve a high conversion rate

For years entrepreneurs have been starting multiple niche blogs and failing. Very few succeed and even fewer become authority sites. The competition is tough in whatever niche you look for. Or is it?

Are multi-niche websites any good?

With the help of some very easily available SEO tools, I found out which niches are most in demand. The search result for most popular niches changes every year, or even multiple times in a year. This is why many entrepreneurs go for a cocktail website with travel, technology, health, fashion, and a few more broad niches under a single URL. But my search revealed that this can easily be a recipe for failure.

When a website hosts multiple niches of web content, there is a little bit about everything, not everything about nothing. The content becomes generic and similar to that of rival sites. The Google algorithm doesn’t recognize such content as high-value content. As a result, these websites have a tough time getting first page ranking.

Of course, many of the websites on the first page have multiple niches but they are websites that have received expensive promoting and very good luck. What we don’t see is the ocean of multi-niche websites at in the darkness beyond the first few pages, if even they are alive.

Try the super focused niche

In a sea of Jack of all trades, be the master of one. This is basically how micro niche marketing works. You do not only stick to one niche for one URL, you select one crucial aspect of it and put it under the microscope. Here is why this is proved to be a good idea:

Focusing on a singular niche gives a more professional appearance to the blog than a cheap multicolored effect.

Focusing on a micro niche will help you establish the micro niche as your brand of specialty.

The Google algorithm will pick up codes from your structured data that will make your website come across as a helpful website in the focused area.

Organic clicks your website receives will be from people who are genuinely interested in the micro niche and will therefore likely to return a low bounce rate. A broad singular niche or multi-niche website, on the other hand, attracts more clicks but even more abandonment within less than 10 seconds.

With a low bounce rate, more organic clicks from visitors who mean to follow the micro-niche, and a search ranking benefit due to Google’s recognition of high-value content, your micro-niche blog is likely to generate more active leads and a higher conversion rate from visitors.

How to make it work

Start small, but focus. Find the untapped micro niches with keyword search on websites like PcMag.com or the like. Once you’ve found your micro-niche, look for marketplace affiliation. Do some aggressive link building. Create a brand image to establish your website as an authority website. This is how I did it and it worked for me.

Persistence is key

Needless to say, it will take time, and you will fail a few times. But everybody does. Keep experimenting till it works out with one of the micro-niche keyword sets. Once you have gained the confidence with one micro-niche website, you can create many more and benefit from all of them.

Tap into the hidden treasures of ignored micro-niches and make one of them your brand. This is how a micro-niche website is way more likely to succeed than a broad niche or multi-niche website. Contribute quality content with detailed information about the niche, focus your knowledge and creativity on one thing per URL. You will start making money in no time.

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