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How to identify if a Site Is Good for Link Building? Check these factors before proceeding with link building strategies

As you all know, link building is one of the most critical strategies while working on the off-page on a particular website or blog. Good backlinks help the websites to rank better in search engines by building good authority. Backlinks work as citations and thereby giving more points to the SEO score of that particular page in SERP.

The pages with some pretty good backlinks may rank top on the search listings. Because, Google loves backlinks, so everyone follows that. However, all publishers and digital markers in the world are always busy with building backlinks for their websites or clients. But most of them are unaware of some of the critical factors before implementing their strategies to build links. Knowing some of the below described best factors to check whether a site is good for link building or not to succeed in the search listing.

SEO experts often monitor their competitors. If a website is used by your competitor to build backlinks, you will also notice it. However, even if your competitor is using that website for link building, it doesn’t mean that website is perfect for link building. You have to properly analyze each website for good opportunities and the eligibility to include in your link building strategies.

Spam score

Before choosing a website for link building, you have to check its spam score first. It must be in the top position in your checklist. You have to determine the risk of banning/penalization by the search engine. You can use popular SEO tools like Moz to check the spam score of a website. If the score is more than 5, it means the site is penalized by Google and is not good for link building.

Site relevancy 

You should always consider the relevancy of a website before using it for link building. If the website content doesn’t have any relation with your website, your link building efforts won’t have any good effect. It will be a waste of time. Make sure the website is relevant for you to consider in your actions.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is an easy to understand metric of a website which indicates the site’s overall quality and excellence. Domain authority of a website is calculated based on its ability rank on search engines including Google, Bing etc. A website with higher domain authority will be a premium website. If you get links from sites with high domain authority, you will reach your ranking goals easily. Otherwise, it is a waste of time.

The frequency of content

The frequency of new content is the easiest way to determine whether a site is good for link building or not. Because inactive websites don’t have much influence on backlinks. Search engines consider the good backlinks from active websites only. If one or two posts are published every two to three weeks, the website is active and is good for your project. If no new contents published for one month, the site is considered inactive.


Audience engagement is also a good factor when choosing a website. Check the website’s comments section and social media pages to check if the audience is active or not.

Follow all these techniques when considering a website for link building. If the website doesn’t meet these requirements, ignore it.

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