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How website reputation affects SEO rankings, online reviews and magic of schema

Website reputation is a big factor when considering the site ranking opportunities for SERP. It has a big impact on the search listing of websites. However, Google has denied this fact multiple times on multiple occasions. But it is still a valid concept that the website reputation affects the SEO rankings. You can verify that for yourself to know the difference of ranking between a new website and a reputed website, mostly news websites.

The online reputation of the brand or website matters in the positions in the search results. It includes several considerable parts such as Google reviews, Google My Business listings etc. Google believes that over 97 percent of consumers believe in online reviews when making a purchase. Thereby the reputed brand with a good number of positive reviews becomes the top result in the search than a new brand with negative or fewer reviews.

How online reviews affect search rankings

As you already know, online reviews always influence the consumers who are looking for recommendations online. However, not everyone knows that they affect search engine rankings also. According to last year’s Moz Local Ranking Factors Survey, local search experts believe that review signals are estimated to determine about 13 percent of the local pack rankings and 7 percent of the local organic rankings in Google. It is a considerably big influence and it is one of the reasons why you should focus on building the brand in the online world with online reviews.

The reason is simple! Online Google reviews are unbiased. They are mostly published by the real experienced users who have already tried your product or brand. So it becomes more like a trusted ranking signal for the search engine to consider as an established brand. Thereby the search engines can rank the websites based on the reviews.

Promoting reviews

When you search on Google with some keywords, you might have noticed several businesses listed with star ratings attached to the snippet in the organic results. You can also make this possible. You can also showcase your reviews in the search. It is a magic of HTML, that gives the search engines more information about your website. The secret lies in the structured data markup from schema.org. If you properly set up schema markup on your website, your pages will show up with rich snippets on Google, thereby giving more information about websites. Rich snippets that appear in the Google results can be composed of text, images, and/or review stars and give the searcher more details to help him/her choose the best, most relevant listing. This will surely affect your search rankings.

Controlling negative reviews & build brand authority

Now you have an idea about promoting positive reviews on Google with rich snippets and all. Now, what about the bad reviews? Same as the positive reviews, the bad reviews will also affect your search rankings, but badly!

So you have to control your bad reviews as well. The potential customers won’t use the services offered by a brand with negative reviews. Also, Google considers a website with more negative reviews as a bad ranking signal, thereby results in low rankings. You have to invest in enhanced customer relations and feedback systems. Thereby you can reduce negative reviews.

All these factors affect Google search listing directly. So work on to cut off the negative ranking signals and bring up the positive factors. You will get good positions in SEO rankings.

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