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There is this idea about organic search, that it is not going to stick, that it is not enough. As a search engine optimizer, I know it couldn’t be more wrong. Organic search is what drives live links that have the highest conversion potential. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on off-page SEO, let us

Ranking high in the Google Search Engine Results Page is important for e-commerce success. Without a high SERP rank, your website is as good as non-existent. Whatever you do to increase the chances of organic clicks, and let people know about your website, will contribute to the SERP rating. You can either try a few

Website reputation is a big factor when considering the site ranking opportunities for SERP. It has a big impact on the search listing of websites. However, Google has denied this fact multiple times on multiple occasions. But it is still a valid concept that the website reputation affects the SEO rankings. You can verify that

Content is a strong element to drive traffic, and encourage conversion. You cannot ignore any aspect of good content if you want your website to succeed. Off-page SEO is good but since 2017, and the following Google algorithm changes in 2018, on-page SEO has taken precedence in digital marketing. This has made content highly valuable.

If your company needs to rely on brand awareness or off-page SEO and ads more than content, you are doing something wrong. Content is supposed to bring you maximum revenues at a low cost-price. Following is the list of content strategies that will be trending in 2019. These are the top strategies that will generate