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Search trends that drive organic search results in 2019

There is this idea about organic search, that it is not going to stick, that it is not enough. As a search engine optimizer, I know it couldn’t be more wrong. Organic search is what drives live links that have the highest conversion potential.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on off-page SEO, let us focus on search trends that help drive more organic search results for a higher ranking and frequent conversions. Dont forget to avoid the mistakes explained here otherwise your SEO strategy will fail.

Not ignoring Google Algorithm for helpful search results

Google is always trying to figure out where to place each website in its search results. Google wants to return the most relevant search results to users. Google’s smart algorithm is good at figuring out which website is helpful and which one does not have valuable content.

Using rich snippets and rich keywords in structured data coding, you can drive live organic searches. Google will know that your data is valuable and relevant, so it will increase the search ranking of your webpage, or the entire website if you can optimize at least 40% of your web pages with rich keywords and snippets.

Optimizing for mobile for remote searches

At least half the online shoppers and blog readers browse your website from mobile. Make sure you are not running ads on your website or putting up annoying newsletter subscription popups. These are things that make a person click the back button without another thought. Optimize your website for both desktop and mobile, so that people can participate from anywhere, at any time. Don’t let an almost conversion become a “when I get back home” maybe. Because more often than not, it becomes a “I just checked this other app, so easy to use” story.

Tap into multiple search modules for exposure to all search trends

How your website is represented in search modules like “News”, “Videos”, “Similar Locations”, “Featured”, “How to’s”, and long tail queries for “Voice Search”, determine your click-worthiness. Be present everywhere, video blogs, images, all popular social media channels, review forums, discussion forums, and of course, make a very interactive website for visitors and followers of your website. Long tail voice search can take your website way beyond the standard 10 blue links.

Optimize and update content to stay relevant

By adding fresh and relevant content every day or every two days, you keep your followers and buyers engaged. Interact with the customers to build a live brand image so that people feel a personal connection instead of considering your website to be “just a place I once bought this thing from”. With valuable content and interactive feedback and review sessions, you can become “this place I buy things from” instead of remaining a one-time deal.

Update your backlinks for organic traffic

Contribute helpful content on other platforms like social media, and how to forums. Analyze all your backlinks to identify the good backlinks and the bad ones. Remove the bad ones. Create more good backlinks by posting on websites relevant to your product, be seen by a focused demographic to encourage a high density of organic clicks.

These 5 tips are not mutually exclusive. You need to make sure you are doing all these things for your website. Once you have checked all these boxes, your website will start rising upwards in the search ranking ladder.

To sum up, quality content backed with rich snippets and keywords, found in relevant sites with strong backlinks, and can be accessed from any device, mobile or desktop. This is what works with the current search trend of 2019 and help bring genuine organic search results. By encouraging organic search trends, you will save dollars on off-page SEO and get a high conversion turnout from these on-page SEO trends.

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