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Snipe out your rivals with rich snippets to get to the top

Google launched rich snippets back in 2009 but even after a decade, not many people realize the value of informative snippets when it comes to search engine ranking. If you are a website owner struggling with search engine optimization, spending too much money for little results, and haven’t given enough attention to snippets yet, you are in luck. You just found out what you’re doing wrong.

Try this before spending on promotions

You might have been trying social media marketing and email marketing but the return on investment value isn’t impressive. What you need is to make visitors notice your webpage and click on it.

The more they click, the higher your website ranks. But that is a tedious process to get the attention of enough people to rank on the first page of any search engine. Putting informative data on the snippets would not only encourage more clicks, it will make Google realize your website has valuable content. This is how you get into the elite list of websites in Google’s algorithm.

Search engine optimization is not only about quality content but also, smart content. Instead of depending solely on viewer loyalty for webpage reviews and shares, use Google’s algorithm to your advantage. Google uses some parameters to judge the value of a webpage. One of them is using snippets for search engine optimization.

Be helpful

Google encourages websites to help visitors. Your Google ranking will automatically improve if you post content that is helpful for people. Too many people still believe in the lure of mystery, but that is not what works on viewers. People are impatient, most of them are really busy. This brings us to an important observation:

• Viewers only click on a link if they start finding the answer in the snippet itself.

• They stay hooked on the page if they find the first paragraph useful.

Hence, we need rich snippets, something that is informative enough to earn a click instead of a scroll. Once Google recognizes rich snippets, it will automatically improve your search ranking.

Get Google’s attention with structured data

You need to let Google know you are trying to help. How? With structured data of course. Follow the code format for Google structured data and help Google help you. Create rich snippets to convince people to visit your page. Using snippets to your advantage is the smartest thing you will do for your website’s SEO.

How it works

The process is not that direct but it works. Websites that have rich snippets for numerous pages get indexed more easily. This helps focused metadata targeting. Google is trying to direct visitors towards the answers to their search. You need to have the answer and you need to let Google know that you have all the useful data related to the search.

This is how rich snippets help in on-page SEO at zero financial cost. All you need to do is have someone on your team who can structure metadata according to Google’s code. There are numerous other SEO techniques, some of which you must have already incorporated in your website. Rich snippets will benefit your website without any expensive, elaborate marketing campaign.

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