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What is the readability score? Know how it affects the website ranking in search engines.

With the introduction of the new search ranking factors of Google, they have added more importance to the content quality. Content is the king in this era and there is nothing more important than it in the case of website rankings. That’s why the readability score becomes the key factor in optimizing articles on a website.

The readability and the content quality have become the most important search factor in Google. This helped the search giant to battle down the keyword spammers. Google always wants to give the users the best possible user experience. Readability can be simply defined as “how easy it is for someone to read a piece of content.”

The easiness of the reader matters in search rankings. In addition to optimizing the user interface of the webpage, the publishers have to optimize their page contents for reading easiness. The usage of the words, grammar and vocabulary affect the readability of the users. There are several readability score checking platforms available on the web to determine your article’s score. If you have the best score possible for your article, its search rankings will also improve accordingly.

The readability was always an issue with the new generation publishers as they always write content which has very complicated words and meanings. They simply thought that everyone loves strong language with more complicated words. But that wasn’t the real story, people loved simple language and interested in understanding everything as simple as possible. There comes the importance of optimizing your article for the readability.

So it was already confirmed that the readability score acts as a ranking factor in SEO. So it is time to start working on that. Better the score, better the rankings. The best of grammar, simplified vocabulary, better usage of conversational sentences combine together make a perfectly readable article. You can check the readability score of your content with several online tools. But people mostly a WordPress plugin named ‘Yoast’ for this purpose. Because they are one of the top SEO optimization plugins for WordPress with most features and support. Here are the readability score stones in Yoast SEO:

● Sentence length – if more than 25% of your sentences are over 20 words long, you’ll lose points.

● Paragraph length – if your paragraphs are longer than 150 words, you’ll lose points.

● Subheading usage – if you go more than 300 words without a subheading, you’ll lose points.

● Passive voice – if more than 10% of your sentences are written in passive voice (!), you’ll lose points.

● Transition words – if you don’t use transition words like “and”, “because”, etc. in at least 30% of your sentences, you’ll lose points.

● Flesch reading ease – if you go below 60 on the Flesch reading ease test, you’ll lose points.

There are plenty of ways to get the best readability score. People mostly write long sentences in their articles. If you break down the sentences, your readability score will improve exponentially. Also, try to use less passive voices in your article, it will seriously affect the readability. And finally, use the title tags properly, it can show you magic in your search rankings.

Good luck with optimizing your articles for readability!

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