Rankedy - Compitition Landscape

Competition Landscape

Competition Analysis seems like a rocket science ? Competition Landscape uses AI to find and segment your competitors on Google

Finds Good & Bad Competitors

Helps you plan in advance for ranking

Helps you find Risky competitors

Scheduled CL for improved accuracy

Emerging Players With Serious Interest

Niche Players Limited To One Vertical

Competition Landscape is a proprietary qualitative data analysis tool

Ingenious tool that helps you find your competitors who matters and who doesn't Use Rankedy’s AI to conduct competition analysis on scale no matter how many keywords or websites you have.

When & How should you use Competition Landscape ?

Competition landscape is an iterative process, entities that are marked as Authority and Emerging players have less fluctuation where as niche players and volatile players will have high fluctuation in its starting days. The accuracy and quality of data will get better and more stable depending on the duration.

As a rule of thumb, you should always avoid following the strategies used by competitors marked as Volatile. Avoid competitors marked as Authority for initial days until you have a website that provides as close to the information provided by Authority players

Emerging and Niche Players can be used as a benchmark in determining efforts required in your marketing and SEO process.