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The process of optimizing and ranking for most searched keywords, Rank improvement and landing in the top position.

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The Most Simplified Control Centre For Improving The SEO Health Of Your Website

Rankedy’s Dashboard feature presents a simplified synopsis of all the fixes required on your domain. In this opening page of your account, expect to find the concise details and statistics on

Easy to Guide Your Attention To The Key Areas

Ditch the contemplation and doubt about where to start with, when trying to improve your search rank. Be smart and result driven from day one. By viewing the dashboard, gain a clear indication of what you need to work on, with a centralized synopsis of all major SEO concerns for your domain.

Here’s How Dashboard Helps

With the multitude of areas that require working when trying to raise the SERP rank, it can get demanding to figure out where to start and how to continue.

Dashboard comes to the rescue with a simplified summary of all the fixes you need to start with attending to. It indicates all the present areas of concern in brief, along with statistics on the current status for your ongoing result assessment. Take note, and act!