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Keyword Personality

Know what you need to do to Rank

Keyword Personality helps with:

Identifying The Top Competitors For Each Keyword

Peeping Into The Competitor’s Keyword Footprints

Decoding Patterns in Their H1, H2, H3 Tag Declarations

Creating The Most Result Oriented Content

Dominating Search Results

Maximizing Conversions Online

The Simplest & Most Detailed Discovery Of Your Competitor’s Keyword Game Plan

Being well aware of your opponent’s winning strategy is the easiest way to outshine them. The Keyword Personality tool helps you actually be privy to that secret. With the tool, you stand to gain an unparalleled insight into your competition’s usage of keywords with clarity on the patterns of usage. Replicate, iterate and rank higher than them for the same set of keywords.

A Must-Have Tool To Win The Highest SERP Position

In the most simplistic terms, keywords are the root element when it comes to winning the SEO game. As much as doing your best in terms of employing the right keywords for your content is important, it is equally essential to simultaneously keep a firm eye on everything your competition is doing. In that regard, Keyword Personality is the best observer and interpreter of the keyword related SEO game plan of your rivals.

First, it identifies your top ten competitors around every seed keyword. Next, it observes their usage of keywords, and recognizes patterns around the repetition of those terms and their recurrence in the tag declarations. It presents all of this information to you, in the simplest format, without any need of your labor relating to its interpretation.

With access to it, you can easily respond with the smartest steps to beat the competition and raise your rank in the SERP.