Rankedy - Overview


Google officially confirmed websites uptime as a ranking factor. If your website shows a behavior of going down in random time.

Lists Out Links Gained

Links Out The Links Lost

Points Out The Nature Of The Links – Do Follow / No Follow

Indicates The Authority Rating Of Referring Domain

Highlights The Links That May Attract Penalties

Supports To Increase Your SEO Rank & Increase Traffic

The Most Concise Synopsis Of Your Link Status Over The Last 30 Days

The Link Overview tool helps you quickly identify the newly acquired links and lost links over the last month. It presents the quickest and most convenient opportunity to assess, analyze and respond with the right move at the right time.

Your Link Building Strategy Towards Success

Spot the exact link building results from your recent efforts. Analyze the profile of the new referring domains and be alerted if any links lost. Leverage this insightful information to increase your search ranks and multiply the inbound referral traffic.

Here’s Why You Need Link Overview To Achieve Off-Page SEO Success?

SEO has always been a long-term game, which can rarely be won without a clear strategy. Post building a well thought plan, the next step is to works towards a result oriented execution policy. That in turn presupposes regular measurement and monitoring of the ongoing results, to bootstrap your plan of action towards success.

The Link Overview tool helps to achieve exactly that. It presents the monthly result of your link building efforts under concise heads - links gained and lost. Along with presenting the list of linking domains, it indicates the quality and nature of the links in terms of domain ranking and do follow/no follow attribute.

With this information in hand, you bring yourself in a position to clearly assess what’s working for you and what’s not. That way you can iterate your plan of action in the most relevant direction and actually end up with the results you are striving for.