Rankedy - Password Manager

Password Manager

free forever cloud tool to manage and retrieve your passwords for online services you use for your website.

Rankedy’s Password Manager is your best safety vault as :

Manages & Retrieves All Passwords In A Single Place

Tool Generates Strong Password Ideas

Uses AES-256 Bit Encryption With PBKDF-2

Encryption & Decryption Happens From Your Browser (Not Rankedy Server)

Facilitates Team Sharing Of Password With Read Receipt Notification

Lifetime Free

The Most Secure On-Cloud Password Management Mechanism

Manage and retrieve all your unique, high difficulty passwords for each of the online tools and services you employ for your website – all from a single window.

Online Account Credentials From Hackers With Secure Password Management

The importance of data security needs no introduction. Old school techniques of using common passwords, or storing different ones in unsafe spreadsheets can be extremely damaging in the present day.

Moreover, maintaining passwords offline is not advisable, as the details are not accessible and the go and are subject to being misplaced.

Rankedy’s Password Manager is the savior! It’s a lifetime free cloud based tool to securely store your password in encrypted format, and facilitate need based sharing with read receipts to ensure accountability.

Here’s Why You Need A Password Management Tool In Present Day

Digitally managing and maintaining the online presence for any company or individual covers the use several services and SaaS products, right from the web and email hosting to domain management, social media handles, automation software and several other SaaS tools.

Each of these online accounts comes with password protection options, the integrity of which must be preserved. Typically, digital marketing managers resort to using the same password across accounts for convenience or maintain excel sheets as a repository of passwords. However, both of these are a suboptimal practice, and may lead to long lasting damaging consequences.

Using the same password everywhere imposes the risk of a hacker gaining access to all the confidential information by hacking into just one account.

On the other hand, maintaining spreadsheets or Google docs to store multiple passwords, introduces risks of information leakage to bots that monitor these spreadsheets when data mining.

The common solution to both lies in crafting high difficulty passwords, storing them in encrypted formats, and fetching them through the browser.

Rankedy’s password vault addresses both these objectives efficiently, and works well on all operating systems and web browsers.