Rankedy - Rank Journal

Rank Journal

An ingenious way to keep track of what changes affected your ranks, No other SEO software provides this level of Sophistication as Rankedy does

More Insightful That Basic Rank Tracking

Gain Causal Understanding Of Rank Movements

Tag-Wise Segmentation Option To Cluster Your Changes

File Attachments Compatible

Calendar View To Uncover Day Wise Changes

More Advanced, Automated Rank Journal In Pipeline

Maintain An Online Log Of Your SEO Efforts & Gain Automatic Synopsis Of The Consequent Impacts

Rank Journal offers a sophisticated method maintain a thorough tab of your individual SEO efforts and accurately measure the results thereof.

The Real Time Impact Of Every SEO Effort

Logging of SEO activities and measurement of real time ranks are typically considered as two distinct activities. Combine these two into a unified result-oriented approach. Simply log in your SEO activities and automatically retrieve the causal impact in the SERP rank for your domain. Recognize the good, the bad and benefit with the most power packed real time notification center.

Why Modern SEO Is Incomplete Without Rankedy’s Rank Journal?

As you adopt the use of technology for streamlining your varied workflow, a thorough tool is also needed to tie together, the different efforts you make towards SEO.

Instead of battling between spreadsheets, project management tools, task scheduling and rank tracking and facing delays and loss of interpretation, Rankedy’s Rank Journal allows an automatic and unified approach to the gamut of SEO activities.

Rank Journal automatically inserts real time ranks between the different SEO changes made, so that taking action and measuring results are no longer distinct activities. This not only helps you for your own result measurement, but also demonstrating the same to your client and claiming your due credit.