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A letter to our customers

Dear Rankedy Customers,

We are honored that you’ve joined our mission of making online marketing a little more authentic! We built Rankedy for you — to help honest marketers increase their conversions and build the next great companies of tomorrow.

Social Rankedy builds trust. Trust + a great offer = sales. More sales = more social Rankedy. The flywheel spins faster... your company grows!

The past year have been a whirlwind — we’ve moved from a basement in Maryland to raising our first round of funding at YCombinator to 15+ team members working at our new HQ in Texas. We’ve met incredible customers around the world, been inspired by your stories, and built our product to help scale your marketing. We can’t describe how exciting it has been to watch you use Rankedy in so many creative ways.

Onwards and upwards!

Team Rankedy
Kevin, TX USA

P.S. Your GIFs in chat are hilarious. Keep 'em coming!

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What people are saying about Rankedy

Read reviews by our customers about their conversion results using Rankedy, experience with our customer success team, and the ease of setup.

Donald Chan – 5


As an inbound and content marketing agency, we're always on the lookout for the best digital marketing tools to help our clients get an advantage. Rankedy ticks the boxes on what we need in so many ways. We find it to be the perfect complement to the services we provide for retainer and project clients. Plus the development team is super responsive to user feedback too.

Brendan Burns – 5

  • masteringinstagram.com |
  • Courses & Coaching

At Invisible PPC we constantly test new tools and techniques to increase client results from their paid traffic campaigns. We tested Rankedy on a client with a $50k monthly ad spend on a well-tested landing page and boosted conversions over 31%. That’s a huge win for the client and has resulted in Rankedy being rolled out to other clients and our own internal landing pages.

The Sales Gorilla – 5

  • thesalesgorilla.com |
  • Courses & Coaching

Rankedy is amazing for displaying instant authority in your market... by using Social Rankedy :)

Devin Zander – 5

  • smar7apps.com |
  • SaaS

Rankedy is amazing, we even considered building our own version we loved it so much... But why create what's already perfect. David, Austin and the Rankedy team has allowed our company to easily boost conversion rates on everything we do and all it takes us is two minutes to setup.

Matthew Osborn – 5

  • scoutiq.co |
  • SaaS

Rankedy instantly boosts our conversions by placing timely and accurate social validation on the pages that matter most.

Greg Hickman – 5

  • System.ly |
  • Marketing Services

Build trust and authority with new prospects requires trust. With Rankedy we can demonstrate without question how many others have trusted us to help them in their business. That transparency has increased our conversion on every opt-in page we have. If you want to show that you're the real deal, get Rankedy ASAP.