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Goals Configuration

Goals Configuration is a free forever cloud tool to manage and retrieve your passwords for online services you use for your website.

With Goal Configuration, you get to define the key project attributes such as:

Target Countries

Target Languages

Primary Keywords

Conversion Goals

Target your Competitors

Rank on Search engine

Get Yourself Poised For SEO Success. Smartly Configure Goals As Your Starting Point.

Any result-oriented activity begins with a careful definition of the key objectives and attributes of the project. The Goals configuration tool helps you step into the SEO execution process by enabling you to define a clear baseline of your project goals, and in return gain access to the most effective, result-oriented roadmap for action.

Rankedy Helps You Help Yourself Best To Rank

Choosing the right set of goals and defining them clearly before getting started with any SEO activity is extremely important. As a matter of fact, this one basic starting step almost always ends up becoming a key differentiator of success rates. The simple reason behind this is that the attainment of any goal presupposes a unique and focused direction in terms of the efforts and activities needed.

To that end, configuring your project objectives on the Goal Configuration tool helps you make out of your SEO efforts. It allows you to get the best and most relevant goal-linked suggestions. With access to the most result oriented mix of ideas and suggestions, you gain with the chance to effectively respond with the right move. In short, meander yourself towards the success you deserve.