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Tech Footprints Monitoring

Technical SEO is equally important as content marketing. Monitor your website and compare with your competitors websites.

Identifying The Exact Technology Stack Of Your Website

Monitoring And Assessing The Technology Used

Drawing Out A Proper Competitor Analysis

Alert You On Critical Changes

Hand Out A Comprehensive Website Technology Score

Generate Reports During Website Updates

The Simplest Way To Ensure That Your Website’s Technology Stack Is Always An SEO Advantage

Along with the off-page efforts and top notch content creation for your website, on page optimization from the technical viewpoint is also critical to define Search Engine success.

Rankedy’s Tech Footprints Monitoring tool helps you maintain a top of the line technology backend for your website and consistently rank well on SERP. Tech Footprints tool helps in

The Changing Environment While Keeping An Eye On Your Competitors

Mapping your website against the evolving technical best practices and regularly upgrading it helps to ensure that your on-page backend is always on point. The other advantage of doing so is ensuring that your website is always dearer to the search engine than that of your tech savvy competitor.

Rankedy’s Tech Footprints tool helps in this regard by scanning your website’s tech stack. It also spies on your competitor’s website to make note and alert you on every improvement they make on their tech footprint.

Why Attention To Your Tech Stack Is Non-Negotiable In Modern SEO?

The Search Engine algorithms and its indexing policies keep evolving to offer the best possible experience to the search users. In this process, the technical backend of the website plays a crucial role in defining a user’s experience in that journey. For instance, today most users search on mobile, as against desktop driven search earlier – which is why Google follows mobile first indexing.

In this continuously evolving and improving scenario, if your website’s technology stack is not up to the modern day requirements and best practices, you stand to lose your competitive edge to a rival who is savvier, in spite of you having a great product and compelling content on your website.

The Tech Footprints tool in this situation analyses your technical footprint against the best practices, and also notifies you of the improvements your competitor is making. This way, you know exactly when to take action and step up your SEO game.