Rankedy - Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

Website downtime can greatly affect yoru site's ranking on Google - Confirmed by Google itself!

Scheduled Checks Every 5 Minutes

Multiple Test Locations

Instant Downtime Alerts Via Email

Built In Check Interval Defining Option

Includes HTTPS checks

Free Feature For All Websites In Rankedy User Account

Get Automatically Notified On Each & Every Downtime

Ensure that your website is always available and accessible to all your targeted visitors. Get notified each time your website hits a downtime.

Rely On Rankedy’s All-In-One SEO Suite!

Regular uptime monitoring is critical to ensure that your website’s rank doesn’t fluctuate negatively due to your lack of knowledge about an incident or downtime – something that can happen with any website.

Rankedy’s Uptime Monitoring tool automatically alerts you and helps you avoid the consequences of such an occurrence, with its strong enterprise level capabilities. The best part is that you can access the features of this tool totally free of cost.

Here’s Why Uptime Monitoring Is So Important?

Website downtimes do commonly happen. If, in those situations and instances, the search engine spiders happen to crawl your website, it signals your website as an unreliable one. Thereafter, this has a consequent negative impact on your ranking, and is typically accompanied by a loss of traffic.

Against this backdrop, Rankedy’s Uptime Monitoring tool instantly alerts you whenever your site faces a downtime, and helps you take corrective action at the right stage.