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Do you struggle to improve SEO rankings? Search engine optimization (SEO) is certainly a very complex job – according to the SEO experts, there are 200 ranking factors involved. That seems too much, right? However, without the elaborate SEO strategy, you will find it very difficult to see your website on the first page of

If you have already shelled out quite a bit of your hard earned money to SEO professionals, and haven’t had the pleasure to witness the search results you’ve desired – you’re not alone! Spending on raising Google rankings and getting to see results quickly quite often don’t go hand in hand. This can be frustrating,

Search engine optimization is a low hanging fruit for ecommerce sites. It may interest you to know that, of all ecommerce marketing campaign, SEO generates the highest ROI. It’s as simple as this: “Put in enough effort into your SEO and start getting high ranks, subsequently, your ecommerce store will start making sales effortlessly without

Nobody wants to fall prey to Google’s penalties. Absolutely normal. But, what if you are not even aware your site has been penalized? Penalizing websites is Google’s own way of punishing websites that are found wanting, and to serve as a deterrent to others. When BMW was penalized for using doorway pages, I’m sure it

Since 2013 to date, 15% of the queries searched on Google are new and never seen before. That is six years in a row and still counting. Despite the fact that RankBrain was launched around 2015, about 4 years ago, this stat still remains the same. Why? We believe this is because of the rate

Google launched rich snippets back in 2009 but even after a decade, not many people realize the value of informative snippets when it comes to search engine ranking. If you are a website owner struggling with search engine optimization, spending too much money for little results, and haven’t given enough attention to snippets yet, you

During the 2018-19 period, the search engine giant, Google has come up with many changes which are directly affecting the search engine appearance of websites and articles. It included the implementation of Google’s mobile-first indexing policy, in which the search engine listings have become device specific. All publishers have already received the notification about these

With the introduction of the new search ranking factors of Google, they have added more importance to the content quality. Content is the king in this era and there is nothing more important than it in the case of website rankings. That’s why the readability score becomes the key factor in optimizing articles on a

For years entrepreneurs have been starting multiple niche blogs and failing. Very few succeed and even fewer become authority sites. The competition is tough in whatever niche you look for. Or is it? Are multi-niche websites any good? With the help of some very easily available SEO tools, I found out which niches are most

As you all know, link building is one of the most critical strategies while working on the off-page on a particular website or blog. Good backlinks help the websites to rank better in search engines by building good authority. Backlinks work as citations and thereby giving more points to the SEO score of that particular