Logo design, how to start?

What is a logo?

A logo is the face of a company or person.
A logo can convey history, uniqueness, and its own distinctive mark. A logo is the main element of a company in advertising and product recognition.

Designing a logo is the first step when starting a new business, in fact, “You name the ship, so it will float.”

We must start from the themes of services: to stick to a more strict style, or you can allow a “flight of fancy”. The choice of color palette and accent elements – this is a system of identification, distinguishing it from other companies.

It is also necessary not to forget that the development of a logo takes into account the corporate identity.
Corporate or corporate identity is one of the main marketing tools of the company. For the client, it can carry a sense of trust, assurance and order. The corporate identity should be consistent not only with its industry, but also with its positioning in the market.
A professional logo is the key to recognition and attracting new customers

What information do you need to give the designer to start designing a logo?

It may be the following:

  • the name of the company; type of activity;
  • main competitors;
  • the presence of corporate identity or an old logo;
  • color preferences of the client; additional information.

Having received this information, the designer begins a detailed study of the industry and the development of prototypes of the future logo. Depending on the agreement with the client, the designer develops several versions of prototypes.

After viewing the provided logo concepts, you can choose the best variant, make corrections, give your recommendations for the final layout.

After discussing the changes with you, the designer proceeds to further work. At this stage, in addition to logo details, color solutions are worked out.

After you have received several variants of the final logo with different colors, you can choose the final variant for yourself. The designer will provide you with the selected logo in different extensions and formats.