The advantages of creating a website from scratch

Before anyone who has decided to make money through the development of its own web resource, be sure to raise the question: to start developing a resource from scratch or buy an existing Internet project, which has little to no decent success?

The purchase of an existing website – it’s quite profitable step, but still a new resource has many more advantages. Of course, the difficulties the startup owner will be a lot, but the website from scratch – it’s still more interesting solution, and immediately for many reasons.
Let’s see what the purchase of an existing web resource is worse than the creation of a new Internet project (site from scratch).

  • Design from scratch for your needs and your corporate identity;
  • The need to check the liquidity of the Web resource for the purchase. Looking for a suitable website for the purchase, a person will have to spend a fairly large amount of time and effort to check its various indicators. This can include checking the actual attendance, the values of all sorts of pozomerok, the lack of filters imposed by search engines, etc. In addition, before buying will need to make sure that the reputation of the resource has not been damaged by any unlawful acts of its owners. Thus, checking suitable for the purchase of Web resources can drag on for a long time, especially if you have to choose between several, at first glance, worthy options;
  • Functionality. Each webmaster requires a completely different functionality of the engine of his resource. However, when buying a finished project owner will have to put up with the functionality, the creators of the resource during its development. Of course, the new owner may make some changes to the content management system or install another engine, but for the existing functionality he will still have to pay;
  • Permanent audience. When buying an existing resource, the new owner receives and the permanent audience of the project. However, it would seem, this advantage can later become a serious problem. First, the regulars of the resource can negatively react to the change of administration of your favorite portal. And secondly, the permanent audience of the resource may consist of users who are not too seriously relating to the norms of behavior in the web. Thus, to protect the project from the actions of disgruntled or rude users will require a moderator, who will have to pay, because to do this work independently can afford not every Internet businessman.

Thus, buying a ready-made website has its advantages and disadvantages in comparison with the creation and development of a site from scratch. The choice is yours, dear ladies and gentlemen!