How to create a landing page with the help of a constructor

In today’s business world, which many of us organize through the Internet, there appeared such a concept as “banding”. So called promotional page, which tells the visitor of certain goods and services, and then pereposchayut its already on the right page, where the visitor will have to perform some actions.

Designer lending allows you to create such pages almost from scratch, using the existing blanks.
How to create your own landing page

As a rule, a standard landing page consists of only one page, but for its creation usually requires knowledge of HTML language and some skills in programming. The online designer allows you to do without all this.

  • You should just go to the site constructor, click “Create a site”, and then enter your registration data.
  • Then you will be prompted to choose an existing template for your site.

Good designer offers a lot of templates, sorted into different categories. Among them, there is sure to be a category of one-page lending – find it in the list, and then select a template for your site.

You can go through several variants, checking how they will look and work, using the “Preview” command – you will see examples that have already worked.

How to fill a landing page with information?

There is a handy visual constructor at your service to work with your new page. On the left side there is a menu, and there are also different elements that can be placed on the page. You can add a header and text in different fonts, pictures, as well as buttons and forms to fill out.

Creating landing pages – a fairly simple and interesting feature. With the help of constructors you can create them in any quantity.