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Disavow Tool

Take Charge & End The Despair Of Facing SEO Penalties From Toxic Links – Easily & Efficiently.

Avoid Penalties From Google

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Why Let Your Rank Suffer Due To Spammy Links? Cut Them Off With Unmatched Ease

Rankedy’s Disavow tools comes bundled with an extremely simplified interface to help you select and disavow links that are likely to get you penalized.

All you need to do is browse and select through the list of links that can harm your website and simply press Disavow. Problem solved!

Spammy Links Is Critical

While acquiring good links are a positive signal to the search engine spiders about the value and usefulness of your website, gaining toxic links, on the other hand, put you in bad spot.

Toxic links essentially include links from spam sites or networks that are created only for instant black hat linking building. They also include links from websites containing viruses or malpractices.

Having such links pointing to your domain turns out to be extremely harmful for your site, and can make you land up with penalties that can make your SERP rank drop significantly.

Hence, identifying these toxic links and disallowing them at the right time is extremely critical for SERP success. The Disavow tool on boards immense ease to carry out this task, simply in a matter of a few clicks.