Tired Of Using Multiple SEO Tools?

Rely On All-in-one Power Packed SEO Suite

Keyword Personality

The Simplest & Most Detailed Discovery Of Your Competitor’s Keyword Game Plan

Rank Journal

An ingenious way to keep track of what changes affected your ranks

Backlink Monitoring

Uses own crawling system with Ahref's data

Topic Orientation

The power of natural language process for SEO’s

Gain intelligence on your competitors

Know what they do

SERP Rank Tracker

Track your keyword rankings with worlds most accurate Tracker

Keyword Ideas

Identify the best keywords to rank high and rank quick

Domain Analysis

Check your domain for Google’s Guideliine

Page Analysis

Page by page anlysis to find onsite seo issues

Uptime Monitoring

Built-in uptime monitoring with auto updates

Goals Configuration

Goals and parameters setting per domain

Do you face any of these challenges?

Rankedy is not just another SEO tool. We have invested heavily on our R&D to create exclusive and powerful tools like Rank Journal to monitor your site & your competitors site and sends you alerts on things that helps you quickly use an SEO opportunity, Topic Orientation - An Amazing tool to see your website’s content topical orientation and Keyword Personality - A beast to run a thorough SEO surgery on your competitors.

Rankedy is a one time setup tool that works for you every day. Rankedy automates almost everything that you need to do with your website’s SEO.

Rankedy contains all the essential and intelligence features to improve your site’s organic ranking. Rankedy Pro is a one time investment with lifetime value.

We at Rankedy preparing extremely simple case studies and tutorials based on goals without making you feel overwhelmed. We are aimed at creating straight forward step by step tutorials based on the goal you want to reach with your website.

Existing SEO tools are made to leverage them for ranking your website, whereas rankedy is made to understand your site’s existing SEO and adapt it towards the goal you want to achieve.

Rankedy can act as your powerful SEO consultant bot on the cloud 24/7 365 days a year. It alerts you on rank changes, opportunities for improvements, suggestions on leveraging your site’s SEO and what not.

Rankedy supports over 180+ Countries and 84 languages. We are constantly adding more languages and countries.

Increase your profit by replacing your current reporting tool. Rankedy will release private branded portal by 2019 Q4 that will allow you to share your rankedy account directly with your clients. You can upload your firm’s logo and name to reflect your brand.

Complete Features List

Making the most of your data now and in the future.

Exceptional Value for Money

  • All Future Updates Included
  • Rank Journal - Exclusive Tool
  • Keyword Personality - Exclusive Tool
  • Topic Orientation - Exclusive Tool
  • Backlinks Monitoring
  • Keyword Ideas
  • Top 20 Site Metrics
  • Basic & Advanced Page Analysis
  • Basic & Advanced Domain Analysis
  • Google Compliance Check
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Link Building Auto Tagging (coming soon)
  • Identify Thin Content Pages

Limits & Monthly Caps

  • Upto 18,000 Page Crawls/Month
  • 5,000 Journal Events
  • 1000 Backlinks Monitoring
  • 295 Keywords Rank Tracking
  • 180+ Keyword Countries Support
  • 80+ Keyword Languages Support
  • 30 Competitors Tracking
  • 25 Keyword Personality Calls/Month
  • 20 Topic Orientation Calls/Month
  • Identifies most liked pages of social media

Business Features & Roadmap

  • Whitelabel Reporting (improvements coming soon)
  • Customize Portal with private branding (coming soon)
  • Request new features on priority
  • Client & Team Access
  • Lifetime VIP Affiliate Status
  • Free SEO & Link Building Project Leads
  • And more...

Get Rankedy Pro, Change the way how SEO is done

Effortless ranking on Google & Bing through AI & Big Data.

  • All Future Upgrades & Tools Included with this plan.
  • Lifetime Account Validity
  • Be an early buyer,We are increasing the price after we reached 1000 users.

$295/ LifeTime

No cc required | 7 Days Free Trial | Cancel Anytime

Client Reviews

Few of Sites Optimized By Rankedy

We think we are pretty awesome, but don't take our word for it.

I am very lucky to have found Rankedy to become my favorite SEO suite with many ingenious tools which save a lot of my time and money.

One important thing that I love Rankedy is it is not just another SEO suite but an awesome power pack with some innovative tools in addition to standard ones. Keyword Personality, for example, is a mind-blowing tool which gives me each and every single factor that I need to optimize for my keyword.

Virginia Riches

Founder of Cloudsail Technologies

Rankedy was recommended by one of my marketing advisors when I stuck with my budget to use popular SEO suits which are unaffordable for small and medium companies like myself. When I started to use Rankedy I saw there are lots of innovations such as Rank Journal and Keyword Personality which are quite interesting and insightful to use and get actionable information for where I should take forward.

I am also surprised to see Rankedy has a beautiful and engaging user interface unlike other suites who set all features in the dashboard and not listed in a logical and prioritized way.

Huang Jing Jie

Founder of Novocall

Try Rankedy Pro Risk Free!

Rankedy is fast becoming a matured SEO tool, during its launch it has surpassed many SEO Tools and received raving reviews for its original out of the box tools. Your investment of 295$ is a no brainer and can be redeemed by ending your payment to other SEO tools. Plus it also serves you a life time.


We provide a 15 day refund guarantee as long as you show us that you tried to implement for your website. Please note that we are unable to issue you the refund if your account shows high resource usage. We will keep innovating tools that help you win the ever changing SEO game.

For full details of our refund policy,
please see our Plan details.

Try Rankedy Pro Risk Free!

Rankedy is fast becoming a matured SEO tool, during its launch it has surpassed many SEO Tools and received raving reviews for its original out of the box tools. Your investment of 295$ is a no brainer and can be redeemed by ending your payment to other SEO tools. Plus it also serves you a life time.


Priced to scale

Making the most of your data now and in the future

$295/ LifeTime

Frequently Asked Questions

Startups, Digital Marketers & SMBs who want to continually fine-tune, optimize, track keyword ranking, use AI to the benefit of better organic visibility on Google and other search engines.
Yes, We can share with you the screenshots of our customers testimonials taken from our live chat support.
No, we won't have a paid upgrade in the near future.
Yes, But the maximum edit limit per month is 10
18,000 Pages of Pro and it multiplies based on number of Pro plan you buy
Optimize your website from a broader perspective. Topic Orientation finds the topics that are associated with your website and then compare it against the topics associated to top 10 ranking website for your keyword. If the topics generated from your website and top 10 sites are similar, your website is having right content aligned towards top ranking websites. If not, you may have to update your contents with more information that naturally relates to the topics like that of Top 10 ranking sites.
Yes, it is very much available but a bit moderate now when you compare Rankedy's web interface. We are working on it to make more beautiful, presentable and comprehensive in the coming weeks.
We are currently working on releasing our affiliate platform. Please mail to affiliate@rankedy.com to get an auto invitation while we launch our affiliate platform.
We fetch data from multiple sources including clickstream and google adwords
We do not have city based / pin code based rank tracking as of now. But we will add this feature very shortly
At present there are NO integrations, we are planning to integrate with Slack for automatic updates on chat about the happenings on your website's SEO
Customer support is available via Live Chat, We have a small team of chat support and are mostly available online, However support with SLA is not available
Rankedy is the brain child of Sarobal Soft Solutions. A humble software company located in South Indian city of Coimbatore. We have been in the business of digital marketing and software development for over 10 years.
Expect a minor performance issues, Loader may take 5 to 10 seconds to load if you are performing lot of operations in multiple tabs, slight inaccuracies of keywords or ranking may happen - but our test results with over 7000 keywords tracked on a period of 15 days shows 95% accuracy.
We are searching for bugs / issues like daemons all the time in our office :-) We will prioritize the fixes based on severity of the bug or impact of the bug on usage.
15 Days Refund Period from the date of purchase
No, We are currently in the preparation of video and it will be released very shortly
18 Websites and its multiplies based on Pro Plan you purchase
No, We are not misusing any of these platforms. Rankedy aims to cater to marketers who want their websites to be ranked in compliance with these search engines.
Rankedy aims to become a disruptive tool in the crowded SEO Software market. We bring innovation which surpasses the need for older SEO systems that are out of date or do not innovate to meet the ever increasing demand in performing high quality SEO to make your site stand out from the crowd.
You can say, Rank Journal is an advanced and more productive version of Rank Tracker. If you are doing an SEO Campaign that requires regular logging, accurate segmentation to later find what changes / additions have resulted in positive / negative rank variations, then Rank Journal is your solution.
We do not imply any limitations to any specific country. So Rankedy should work for most of the countries. However, we receive few inaccuracies in ranking from countries such as Vietnam, few African countries, and Japan. We can only know if your country is fully supported only if we run tests using the keyword in your language and country's google domain. Feel free to check it and if you dont like the way it reports you may ask for a refund.
Its total for your account not per website
We use Ahrefs and Majestic for the backlinks data. Plus our internal crawler to monitor your website's new / lost backlinks.
No, we run this deal directly on our portal and do not partner with outsiders or offer other Pro's elsewhere.
Yes, We have an official facebook group where we are planning to reguarly post tricks and updates about SEO and how you can use Rankedy to up your SEO Game