Rankedy - Team

Meet our team


Prakash Balaji

Chief Executive Officer

One of the three founders of Rankedy and the visionary behind the company. He comes up with the innovations that drive the company ahead and keeps the team motivated and working towards excellence.

Lajeesh Kaliarambil

Chief Operations Officer

The co-founder, an executive who manages, motivates and achieves the company targets. He guides the staff and makes sure that the organizational goal is always given utmost priority. He is the go to person for all staff members when it comes to exceptional client requests.

Santhosh Kumar

Co-Founder & CTO

Young, Vibrant and Tech Savvy entrepreneur, Santhosh oversees all technical aspects of the company. He is one of the co-founder of Rankedy but prides himself to be a true fan boy of Rankedy's innovative tools. Santhosh leads the technical division with a passion to create disruptive digital marketing tools.

Dilip Joe

Chief Technology Officer

Being the designer of the top level tech strategies, Dilip manages the growth roadmap of Rankedy without sacrificing the role of the company’s public face of Technology. He created a tech culture among his team members by being with them always as a mentor and a guide.


Head of DevOps

With extensive programming experience and superior trouble shooting skills, he acts as the leader of the entire cross-functional team of 12 software engineers. His main responsibility is to diagnose complex issues on the platform, and playing a lead role in software/platform/application architectural evolution.


Head of AI & Machine Learning

He is driving Rankedy’s approach to delivering a true and collective intelligent SEO platform. Apart from that, he is supporting and advising the Research Team in evaluating products in the market, collaborating closely with the Head of DevOps, CEO and COO.


Head of Data Analytics

Being the Head of the Analytics department, Vijetha drives performance of analytics solutions to impact overall business results and is in charge of driving the day-to-day analytical approaches of Rankedy and exploring solutions that lead to decisions and resolutions.

Byusi James

Head of Data Science

A highly collaborative one and she work closely with other Data and Analytics Teams. She keeps a deep understanding of Rankedy’s marketplace dynamics. She is mainly into leveraging of new and creative data-sources, data assets and analytics.


Head of UX Designer & UI Developer

As the head of the UX design team of 4 members, Dinesh inspires Rankedy’s business and departmental culture, values, and brand promise. He forges and articulates the teams’ vision for consumer engagement through the production of an interesting and creative product.

Fazeela Abdul Rahiman

Creative Designer

The newest addition to the team. She is a dedicated member and a team player. A technical wizard and one who knows where everything in the office is located.


Bug Researcher

The most internet savvy person in the team. She invariably takes and solves problems that require in-depth and attentive approach. She is an avid blogger and likes to travel for relaxation.


Chief Human Resource Officer

With an extensive experience in the industry and expertise, Pallavi oversees the human resources in Rankedy and is accountable for all activities of the human resources department and ensures the establishment of sound strategies across the HR department.

Sruthi Raj

Bug Breeder

She is yet another stress buster for the team. A team player who goes out of her way to help others. She is a dedicated professional and a well known name in the industry.