Rankedy - Topic Orientation

Topic Orientation

Powerful & Exclusive tool that tells you how to make earn rankings on Google through semantic relations not by keyword optimization

Finds Topics related to your website

Compares it against Top 10 Google Results

Spider chart to see orientation level

Improve your onsite SEO

Rank better through natural relevancy

Avoids over optimization

The power of natural language process for SEO’s

Stop manipulating search engines with keyword density, use topic orientation to naturally relate to your target audience.

Use Topic Orientation to dominate organic search results for cluster of keywords in your verticals

Topic Orientation helps you to identify topic classification of your website and compare it against websites that are ranking at the first 100 positions in Google for the selected keyword.

If your website is nicely optimized then you must see the pink area and blue area are intersection for atleast 4 to 6 topics, if you see these two colors are not intersecting for any topics then you must reconsider your onpage content. You can update your content to make it more related to the topics present in the Blue area.

This is amazingly helpful if you want to get a clutch of how your website is oriented towards topics. Some of these topics you may not realize and or have not optimized with any intentions.

Adding to this, when you make a comparison of your website against a keyword, Rankedy crawls google and takes first 100 websites ranking for the selected keyword, fetch the content from each page, ensemble them into one document and feed it to our topic classifier algorithm

This generates a list of topics that are most commonly associated with these top 100 websites, then it finds if there are any similarities between these 100 websites and your website.

Based on these similarities and score of each topic it generates a chart which you can use to study the level of orientation your website is assigned towards each topic.

In the following example, the graph on left side has lot of union among the topic classified from the website's content and with the top 100 website's ranking for the keyword its aiming to rank.